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UCSD Extension Course - The Business of Biotech

Explore your career options. Bioscience is exciting and important but is it the right career path for you long term? Participate in this on-campus, highly interactive course to answer this question.

Key aspects of biotech are covered: 

  • Disruptive innovation – Understand the accepted theory and how to enhance success
  • FDA regulation – Pathways and times to approval for drugs, devices and biologics
  • Spinouts & licensing – Creating intellectual property and obtaining rights to fields of use
  • Financing – Cover the basics plus negotiating investment, valuation, dilution, options
  • Biotech business models -- Learn the 8 biotech business models and risk/reward of each
  • Business development – Analyze/value the acquisition of a license or a corporate entity

Class format: Structured but informal with focus on the students in workshop fashion. Most classes start with a discussion of the materials followed by a group exercise and conclude with a team presentation of a Harvard Business School biotech case. Projects measure and enhance your entrepreneurial abilities, interpersonal team skills, written communications and oral presentation abilities.

Upon completion of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge of the biotech industry, be able to speak the language and evaluate opportunities outside your current scope of work.

"I must say, I will be sad when your class ends. It has made me realize, well actually reaffirmed, that I want to be involved in the business aspect of biotech – it’s so interesting." - prior student

Course runs January 9 - March 13, 2018. More details on the website:

September 2017 Member News

Member News provides an opportunity for SDEE members to share news and announcements. September Member News features Montana Molecular, Cure Match, Allele Biotechnology, MaxCyte, and Managed Lab Services.

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Event Review: Loose Books Cause Dirty Looks: Considerations for Running a Tight Financial Ship

July 13, 2017 SDEE Workshop: Financial Operations for Startups

By Jared C. Hooks, PhD, Science Communicator

Imagine constructing a building. Not just any building but something sleek, modern and with enough amenities to make Google nod their head in appreciation. You toil away, getting investors lined up, commissioning special pieces of art to achieve that perfect image and atmosphere. You even make sure to have a room dedicated to those nifty napping pods everyone has been talking about. As you finally wrap up construction and populate it with good talent, something seems amiss. Every time someone flushes a toilet on the third floor, the sinks start running in the kitchen. Cheryl keeps flipping a light switch that doesn’t seem to do anything while Frank is having a heart-attack because the power to his office is cutting in and out. For all your effort, all that you envisioned and created, you overlooked the wiring and the pipes. It seemed like such a simple thing that you could worry about later, didn’t it?

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How Relationships Benefit SDEE Members

By Amy Duncan, Goldfish Consulting, Inc.

In marketing, we often talk about transactional vs relational marketing. In simple terms, a business transaction is purely about making the sale; the exchange of money for value—i.e., a product or a service. A business relationship, however, goes beyond the initial transaction when both the buyer and the seller benefit from the success of each other. Through a partnership, the seller goes above and beyond to ensure their products help their customers grow their business and continue as customers. The buyer provides feedback to the seller to help the seller improve their services that benefit the customer. This continuous feedback loop builds relationships and trust that is especially important for small startup companies with limited budgets and resources. 

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Need Help? Office Hours to the Rescue!

By Neil Thompson

Are you a consultant member of SDEE? If so, read on.

If you’re a SDEE member who needs advice on entrepreneur stuff, this is for you, too.

Remember when you were in college and your professors would hold office hours to answer questions? Well, starting fall 2017, SDEE is introducing its own take on it. Office Hours is SDEE members getting their questions answered by SDEE consultant members of all stripes. Product development? Intellectual property? Marketing, perhaps? Office Hours got you covered. 

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Crinetics Awarded $2.5 Million SBIR Grant

Congratulations to Crinetics! Grant will fund the development of Crinetics’ orally-available, nonpeptide somatostatin agonist drug candidate, CRN00808, to treat acromegaly, an excess growth hormone disorder. Check out their press release

Ted Jacobs Talks About the State of San Diego Life Sciences Companies recently sat down with Ted Jacobs, Sr Director at Cushman & Wakefield San Diego, to hear his views on the future of Life Sciences companies here in San Diego. Recent proposals to cut funding for medical research have raised concerns about the future viability of these companies. Check out the interview for Ted's insights into the current health and future outlook of Life Sciences here in our community.

Event Review: Get to Know Your Local Venture Capitalists

On June 8th, 2017, the San Diego Entrepreneur Exchange (SDEE) hosted an event to get to know your venture capitalists (VC) at the Bella Vista Social Club & Cafe and The Roth Auditorium at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. Barney & Barney and Marsh & McLellan Agency sponsored the event. 

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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Navigating BIO Convention

By Amy Duncan, Goldfish Consulting, Inc.

In chatting with my colleagues and clients in the life science community, many are unsure of whether the upcoming BIO meeting is a good fit for entrepreneurs. Scientific founders in the throes of starting a new entity may know their science well, but are left to figure out all the other aspects of running and growing a business on their own. And while BIO offers many sessions on scientific topics, they also cover topics of concern to entrepreneurs - topics SDEE covers in the workshops and events we hold throughout the year. 

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Green Energy Entrepreneurs – Be Prepared to Be Unprepared

May 4, 2017 SDEE How to Create a Green Energy Company: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

By Jared C. Hooks, PhD, Science Communicator

$3.5 billion and $780 million. That’s how much venture capital was being invested in clean tech last year for California and San Diego, respectively (1). So, as a green energy entrepreneur, one might ask, “How can I get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet capital?” With this question in mind, SDEE presented a workshop designed to address the state of green energy, the trials and tribulations of capturing that capital, and where opportunities might lie in the future.

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