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  • Event Review: Loose Books Cause Dirty Looks: Considerations for Running a Tight Financial Ship

    July 13, 2017 SDEE Workshop: Financial Operations for Startups

    By Jared C. Hooks, PhD, Science Communicator

    Imagine constructing a building. Not just any building but something sleek, modern and with enough amenities to make Google nod their head in appreciation. You toil away, getting investors lined up, commissioning special pieces of art to achieve that perfect image and atmosphere. You even make sure to have a room dedicated to those nifty napping pods everyone has been talking about. As you finally wrap up construction and populate it with good talent, something seems amiss. Every time someone flushes a toilet on the third floor, the sinks start running in the kitchen. Cheryl keeps flipping a light switch that doesn’t seem to do anything while Frank is having a heart-attack because the power to his office is cutting in and out. For all your effort, all that you envisioned and created, you overlooked the wiring and the pipes. It seemed like such a simple thing that you could worry about later, didn’t it?

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