“Founders Tales of Start Up to Success” Event

This SDEE event was inspired by our members, who shared their experiences of starting and growing companies in San Diego area. Strategies included asking colleagues to share lab space and equipment, funding via SBIR grants or “Friends and Family” sources, making tough decisions on resources and partners and keeping a “can do” attitude throughout the process.

Our Event Speakers included:

  • David Schwarz, PhD, President, Advanced Cellular Dynamics
  • James Evans, PhD, CEO, PhenoVista Biosciences (SDEE member)
  • Richard Lin, PhD, Founder, President and CEO, Explora BioLabs (SDEE member)
  • Chris Rhodes, Founder, CEO Drug Delivery Experts

Insightful tips from our speakers

Richard Lin, PhD, "Don’t let the rules limit you. Don’t take “no” for an answer."

Chris Rhodes, PhD, "If you are going to start a company, know how long you can go without pay"

David Schwartz, PhD – "Share your ideas, find creative ways to build business"

Congratulations to our "30 second pitch participants" on their presentations"!


Thank you to SDEE Events Chairman, Taylor Moyer, Founder & CEO Managed Lab.