Event - Saving Lives with Connected Devices- Diagnostics Going Digital & Remote

Molecular Diagnostics Consulting is pleased to sponsor this expert panel discussion on digital health applications for disaster and remote healthcare settings Saving Lives with Connected Devices - Diagnostics Going Digital & Remote. This event is designed for entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in digital health monitoring & diagnostics.


The Silent Intelligence has organized an impressive panel of experts:

  • Timothy Mackey, Director of The Global Health Policy Institute
  • Padma Duvvuri, AVP of IoT at Global Logic 
  • Vicki Smith, Corporate Venture Capital at Qualcomm Ventures

What happens when disaster strikes and your Apple Watch, Fitbit or the iPhone are the only means of sending diagnostic information back to the doctor? How can a doctor utilize data from a Fitbit or Apple Watch? How can a connected glucose monitor report changes in conditions to a healthcare provider? How does an average person become a real-time contributor of monitoring their health by using connected devices? 

Hope to see you September 23, 6-9 pm at Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch 12544 High Bluff Dr. #300, San Diego, CA