A Brief Introduction to Becky Beattie and LaunchBio

As an SDEE member or attendee, you might have noticed we have recently been working with and cross promoting another organization, LaunchBio. This burgeoning life science, entrepreneurial-focused non-profit is quickly becoming another pillar of support for the San Diego startup community. LaunchBio has put on some fantastic events and we thought you should get to know a little more about this organization. I sat down with the person who helps continually turn out fun, engaging, and useful programming, Becky Beattie, to see how she ended up at LaunchBio, where they got their start, and where they’re heading.

Becky Beattie – Programming Extraordinaire

Becky had a history in the life sciences before coming to LaunchBio. Prior to her involvement, she worked for Eppendorf helping labs setup and navigate transgenic experiments with Eppendorf equipment. Becky then transitioned into strategic development, helping small organizations grow by breaking down the components needed to expand and tackling them individually. As she worked on a project focused on co-working space, she had a fateful meeting with Susie Harborth who was getting BioLabs off the ground in San Diego. After helping Susie with that project, she was presented the opportunity to help shape LaunchBio into what it is today.

Becky Beattie

LaunchBio and Their Mission

LaunchBio was formed in the fall of 2017 as a 501(c)3 non-profit to act as sort of a sister organization for BioLabs to help support their members. The initial launch was in San Diego, but their presence has extended to established and emerging life-science hubs on both coasts. LaunchBio’s mission is to support the community by bringing life science startups, investors, and the companies that support innovation together. In addition, through curated events and programs with focuses such as mentorship, board formation, and IP strategies, LaunchBio helps educate and inform early-stage science entrepreneurs and the biotech community at large. Meshing these two aspects together are where their real strength lies and they’ve been honing this with their monthly Larger Than Life program.

Giving Back to the Community

LaunchBio also tries to give back to the community and foster future entrepreneurs. Working with San Diego Unified School District and San Diego Health Services to create scenarios where underserved high school students need to approach a problem, solve it in an innovating way, and pitch that to mock investors. It’s a great chance for these students to check out an interesting space (the BioLabs area and adjacent buildings) where life science startups work, get an idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and to interact with people in the trenches. I have personally participated in these sessions and it has always been immensely fun and rewarding being able to mentor these high schoolers for the day.

Words of Wisdom

When asked, Becky had this parting advice to give to entrepreneurs, new and old: don’t be afraid to ask people for help. You must put yourself out there in more ways than just the risk associated with spinning an innovative idea into a business. It is through connections with individuals that allows you to find the assistance, whether that be funding, lab space/equipment, or a new way at looking at a problem that could really propel your startup it’s next milestone.

If you would like to learn more about LaunchBio, their monthly Larger Than Life programs, or the student volunteer opportunities you can visit www.LaunchBio.org for more information.


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