April 2020 Member News

Member News provides an opportunity for SDEE members to share news and announcements. This month's Member News features:

  • Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Scott Struthers
  • ManagedLab Services, Taylor Moyer
  • Biosero, Jim Larson
  • Aequor, Marilyn Bruno
  • Sartorius, Zack Prag
  • Passport Technologies, Inc., Jared Hahn
  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JLABS, Brittney Sabbah
  • Brandwood CKC, Luis Jimenez
  • Koliber Biosciences, Ewa Lis
  • Persephone Biosciences, Stephanie Culler
  • BREX, Beth Young (Sponsor)


Crinetics Pharmaceutical, Scott Struthers

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals reports positive interim results for the Acrobat Edge Phase 2 Trial of Paltusotine (CRN00808) In Acromegaly Patients. Press Release 


ManagedLab Services, Taylor Moyer

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, ManagedLab Services is still operating, offering our customers uninterrupted service and support as our they continue their critical R&D efforts.  Our full team of lab support employees, trained in safe working practices, are available to support your lab, whether you need standard support, additional manufacturing personnel, or short term, routine sanitization services.Due to our success in putting together stellar teams quickly, and an unusually high demand as customers with COVID-19 solutions look to quickly scale their teams, ManagedLab Services is now temporarily offering recruiting services. We are here to connect you with a pool of vetted and qualified candidates and to help you build your ideal support team quickly and effectively. Reach out to us with any questions and be sure to visit our website for more information. www.managedlab.com


Biosero, Jim Larson

Biosero Collaborates with Scripps Research Institute to Automate Lab Screening for COVID-19 Drug Therapy Candidates

Biosero offers free Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software to research teams to accelerate the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.  More information.


Aequor, Marilyn Bruno

Aequor was selected to participate in the Plug and Play New Materials and Packaging batch -- sponsored by 35 major chemical, industrial and food companies.  Ten of the sponsors are setting up pilot projects with Aequor to solve their problems of bacterial and fungal biofilm in industrial processes, coatings and materials.

  • Our pilot project to test the efficacy of current cleaning products and protocols against the Superbugs and coronavirus that was scheduled with a major airport was postponed, but we are undertaking the same microbial and comparative testing services with other high-traffic sites (buildings, manufacturing facilities, etc.), as well as consulting services to demonstrate improved surface cleaning products and protocols.
  • Our pilot projects with NASA and a major oil and gas company are on-going but should end soon.  We were selected by DOE for additional pilot projects for algae biomass boosting through their DISCOVR program and projects with private algae cultivators and yeast fermenters, which will start in a few months.
  • Aequor was asked by two congressional offices to submit recommendations to fill the knowledge and funding gaps in order to prepare for the next pandemic, which is likely to be caused by the antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacterial and fungal Superbugs.  The NIH and CDC are sending Aequor their latest clinical strains to test, so we are seeing both the rapidity of mutations and the efficacy our remedies to kill them. The CDC recently estimated that already 1/5 of the coronavirus deaths are actually caused by hospital-acquired AMR infections, including pneumonia.  This is a significant admission since hospital-acquired infections are notoriously under-repored since Medicare said they would not pay for them, and it sheds a light on the growing threat of AMR infection and disease.   Already 1 million people die from AMR infections per year (35,000 in the U.S.), and the Gates Foundation has estimated that there will me 10 million deaths within a month of an AMR pandemic outbreak.  This is because AMR Superbugs and their biofilm spread rapidly throughout the environment (all surfaces, food, water, air), as well as contact with infected animals and humans and are therefore much more difficult to isolate than viruses.


Sartorius, Zack Prag

New brand promise, new logo, new colors – Sartorius looks different today. A leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry, the company has revised its brand look. At the focus of this relaunch is Sartorius’ new brand promise that it summarizes in its new claim: Simplifying Progress. With its products and technologies, the company aims to simplify its customers’ work and thus help them to achieve medical progress and make innovative medicines available faster. Sartorius has also revised its visuals, launched a new logo and consolidated its profile at the subgroup and division levels to underscore its new brand claim. More information


Passport Technologies, Inc., Jared Hahn

PassPort Technologies’ innovative PassPort® drug delivery technology is being used to develop and painlessly deliver new formulations of Ridaifen and other compounds. Research is ongoing in Japan by Tokyo University of Science. See press release.  


Johnson & Johnson Innovation | JLABS, Brittney Sabbah

JLABS events have gone virtual! Tune into two webinars per week for entrepreneur education, scientific and special COVID-19 related topics. More information.   


Brandwood CKC, Luis Jimenez

Join this free webinar: Design Controls, Validations & Verifications & Clinical Strategies: How to make your work count" with Pre-Program on responding to the global pandemic and Emergency Access Schemes. Register here. April 21, 3-5 PM


Koliber Biosciences, Ewa Lis

Koliber Biosciences has expanded the labs and offices to a new facility in Carmel Mountain. We expect to be hiring soon! We appreciate the support of local companies who have helped us make this transition. We look forward to continuing to support the data analysis and machine learning needs for the San Diego biotech community.


Persephone Biosciences, Stephanie Culler

At Persephone Biosciences, we announced our microbiome therapeutics and diagnostics program for COVID-19. Press release


BREX, Beth Young (Sponsor)

Our rewards have essentially become obsolete since COVID has forced everyone to go virtual, so we've launched some new Remote Collaboration Rewards. These are opt-in for all new and current Brex customers:

  • 7x Remote Collaboration Tools*
  • 3x Food Delivery**
  • 2x Recurring Software
  • 1x Everything Else

*Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting, Gong, Monday.com

**Caviar, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Seamless

We also have new partner offerings:

  • $100k in "fill-in" AWS credits for companies with $1+ million in funding ($5k pile-on AWS credits still exist too)***
  • Discounts on Zoom and DropBox among other vendors

***this means if SDEE founders have used $20k in credits and have raised >$1million in funding, they can receive $80k to hit $100k in total redeemed credits. 

More details can be found at brex.com/remotecollaboration. We’d love it if you could help us amplify the message across social media. You can retweet us here and reshare our LinkedIn post here.

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