One World Lab announces agreement with OriGene Technologies

One World Lab entered an agreement with OriGene Technologies, Inc to become a global distributor of OriGene's antibody portfolio. "The addition of OriGene’s proprietary antibodies supports our strategy and broadens our portfolio to more than 75,000 unique antibodies.  Researchers will have several thousand more antibodies to affordably sample, while knowing with confidence that each antibody is sourced from the original manufacturer and not re-labeled.  

OWL allows researchers to affordably evaluate multiple antibodies to each antigen, before committing to a full size vial. Now they can rank and score each antibody to determine which will be best for their assay.  When they participate is the unbiased review section they earn significant discounts towards full size vials.  Researchers are doing more validation experiments with smaller amounts, and this is accelerating the pace of discovery.”  Mike Simson, CEO of One World Lab