SDEE Recognizes Volunteers with PF Chang's Dinner

by Amy Duncan, Goldfish Consulting

At our core, SDEE is a grass-roots organization, comprised solely of volunteers. Over 30 strong, SDEE volunteers help to improve the entrepreneur support system by planning and hosting SDEE events, growing membership, attracting corporate sponsors, and promoting SDEE member activities.

Volunteer Dinner

Simply put, SDEE wouldn’t exist without a strong volunteer base. We recently established a volunteer committee, led by Kathrin Copley, to organize and recognize our valuable volunteers. Together with Danielle Hayes, they held a volunteer recognition dinner at PF Chang’s in UTC to recognize the hard work of SDEE volunteer members. Many thanks to the hard work, time, and effort to the SDEE volunteers:               

Advocacy Committee Volunteers

  • Scott Thacher (Chair)
  • Jared Hooks
  • Mark Stidham

 Communications Committee Volunteers

  • Amy Duncan (Chair)
  • Roberta Alexander
  • Danielle Hayes
  • Jared Hooks

 Consultant Committee Volunteers

  • Ruo Steensma (Chair)
  • Noushin Dunkelman
  • Aubrey Haddach

Events Committee Volunteers

  • Marilyn Ferrari (Co-Chair)
  • Lynda Groocock (Co-Chair
  • Randy Schreckhise (Former Chair)
  • Brian Bischoff
  • Yuan Ding
  • Danielle Hayes
  • Jared Hooks
  • Jessica Mayeux

Fundraising Committee Volunteers

  • Jiwu Wang (Chair)
  • Ted Jacobs
  • Scott Struthers
  • Scott Thacher

Membership Committee Volunteers

  • Sylvia Norman (Chair)
  • Mark Dilorio
  • Danielle Hayes
  • Frances Naty Go
  • Branden Wolner

 Volunteer Committee Volunteers

  • Kathrin Copley (Chair and Finance Chair)
  • Danielle Hayes

Vendor Committee Volunteers

  • Taylor Moyer (Chair and SDEE President)
  • John Burkhardt 
  • Mark Lee 
  • Danielle Hayes
  • Michelle Yankaukas 

Volunteer for a committee. It's a great opportunity for SDEE members to contribute experience and make a difference in the San Diego entrepreneurial scene. For more information, please email SDEE at [email protected]

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