UCSD Extension Course - The Business of Biotech

Explore your career options. Bioscience is exciting and important but is it the right career path for you long term? Participate in this on-campus, highly interactive course to answer this question.

Key aspects of biotech are covered: 

  • Disruptive innovation – Understand the accepted theory and how to enhance success
  • FDA regulation – Pathways and times to approval for drugs, devices and biologics
  • Spinouts & licensing – Creating intellectual property and obtaining rights to fields of use
  • Financing – Cover the basics plus negotiating investment, valuation, dilution, options
  • Biotech business models -- Learn the 8 biotech business models and risk/reward of each
  • Business development – Analyze/value the acquisition of a license or a corporate entity

Class format: Structured but informal with focus on the students in workshop fashion. Most classes start with a discussion of the materials followed by a group exercise and conclude with a team presentation of a Harvard Business School biotech case. Projects measure and enhance your entrepreneurial abilities, interpersonal team skills, written communications and oral presentation abilities.

Upon completion of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge of the biotech industry, be able to speak the language and evaluate opportunities outside your current scope of work.

"I must say, I will be sad when your class ends. It has made me realize, well actually reaffirmed, that I want to be involved in the business aspect of biotech – it’s so interesting." - prior student

Course runs January 9 - March 13, 2018. More details on the website: https://extension.ucsd.edu/courses-and-programs/the-business-of-biotech

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