COVID Roundtable Discussion - 4/28

In this weeks Roundtable we heard from Andrew Baird, founder of Earth2Covid.

Earth2Covid is a rapid response initiative to help with front line issues as they come up and have been slowly expanding to help link COVID problem identifiers on the health care delivery side (from anywhere around the world) with problem solvers from any and all fields, related or not.


Other similar community groups:

The San Diego Covid-19 REsearch Enterprise Network (SCREEN) is a grassroots-driven, mesa-wide, multi-institutional effort with researchers and clinicians from UCSD, Salk, Scripps, SDSU, Sanford-Burnham, LIAI and Rady’s Children Hospital to provide the community with Covid-19 information and funding announcements, spark and coordinate local research collaborations and connect immediate local problems with rapid solutions.


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