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Metis Consulting Member Spotlight

Recently we sat down with Michelleanne Bradley, Founder and CEO of Metis ConsultingServices, a local boutique consultancy firm that emphasizes women and diversity. Michelleanneis a member of the SDEE Consultants Group and joined SDEE in 2018.
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MaxSynergy Member Spotlight

Today’s member spotlight is with Noushin Dunkelman, Founder and President, MaxSynergy Consulting, LLC. Noushin has been a member of SDEE since 2015 and has served on the Executive and Consulting Committees. 
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Driven Staffing Member Spotlight

SDEE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Meredith Dow Driven Staffing  Women owned staffing firm focused on temporary, temporary to hire and permanent placement of Scientific, Clinical Research and Engineering professionals.
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ArgoNox Discoveries Member Spotlight

SDEE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Sarah Mishek  ArgoNox Discoveries  We explore solutions to our world’s most pressing problems by discovering, developing and sustainably producing new compounds from rare marine sources.
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Aspen Biosciences

SDEE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Mark Fortner Aspen Biosciences Connecting people, processes, and technologies to solve your drug discovery challenges
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