Allele Forms Forms New Clinical Partnerships in Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy

Allele Biotechnology (founded by SDEE member Jiwu Wang in 2009) formed clinical partnerships with leaders in pluripotent stem cell therapy that are potentially worth tens of millions of dollars. 

Allele Biotech was initially funded with several NIH SBIR grants in the RNA expression and interference field.  More recent funding has come from NIH grants in cancer proteomics, nanobody assays, viral packaging, and stem cells.  As results of the continued research in basic science and applications, the company achieved several patents and publications in high impact areas. 

Allele Biotech just released its newest product line: nano antibodies (nAbs), which are based on camelid antibodies as single domain nanobodies (VHH fragment).  The first group of products include GFP-nAb (replacing the  previous ChromoTek GFP-Trap with higher capacity and superior cleanness), mNeonGreen-nAb, mWasabi-nAb, and His-nAb