How to be a Green Entrepeneur

The July SDEE event titled “How to be a Green Entrepreneur” was hosted at the Town Hall Room of Janssen Research and Development Center in San Diego, with a focus on identifying opportunities for developing and sustaining innovation and entrepreneurship in Green Technology. About 100 members attended the event who represented various organizations ranging from non-profit, biotechnology, hi-tech industry, information technology, sustainable product developers and law firms to name a few. The event provided an opportunity to attendees to network with people from different area of business.

The evening program started with an introduction speech by SDEE member Dr. Scott Thacher, the CEO of Orphagen and founder of SDEE, followed by “30 second pitch” by various individuals representing companies around San Diego discussing the services they offer. The final program was the panel presentation and discussion which was moderated by Dr. Thacher.

The first speaker for this event was Mr. Michael Hurst, the founder and CEO of ChloroFill, a company that develops, markets, and sells environmentally responsible building materials for the interior design, building and furniture industries.

He was followed by the Chief Technologist and Vice President of Seeds Genomics Biofuels, Mr. Eric Mathur. SG Biofuels is an energy crop company which specializes in delivering high performance bioenergy solutions for the renewable fuel, biomass and chemical markets.

The last speaker of the evening was Ms. Nancy Pfund from DBL Investors, a venture capital firm that invests in and helps nurture outstanding entrepreneurs and companies in Cleantech, Information Technology, Health Care, and Sustainable Products and Services.

We hope to see you at the next SDEE event.