Driven Staffing Member Spotlight


Meredith Dow

Driven Staffing 

Women owned staffing firm focused on temporary, temporary to hire and permanent placement of Scientific, Clinical Research and Engineering professionals.

How was Driven Staffing Founded?

Driven Staffing will have been in business for eight years on June 13th. I started out working in a Biotech lab in Carlsbad. I liked working in science, however, I wouldn't say I liked working in a lab. One day I saw a newspaper ad seeking individuals who enjoyed working in science, but not being in a lab. This is when I started staffing. Eight years ago, I felt as though I had it in me to make one more move. Rather than join another company, I decided to take a leap and start my own company. This is when I founded Driven Staffing where I focus on staffing for scientists. I've been able to work with amazing people and technology, but I don't have to be at the bench. 


What clientele do you work with? 

Most of my clients here at Driven Staffing work in Biotech and Pharma. We mainly focus on small to medium-sized companies and startups with under 25 employees. If you have a lab, I can staff it. 


Tell me more about the success your company has been seeing: 

I have many small companies that don't have an HR Department that always say please and thank you when they don't have to, but it is so unique in that respect. It is always a proud moment for me to see someone I placed into a company convert to a full-time employee. I feel like such a good mom because I have been able to help take companies from three employees to ten employees. I've also seen the same company go through difficult times where they had to cut back on salaries, but they could fully repay everyone after being bought by larger companies. It is so neat to see the companies I've assisted in these positions and to watch them grow.

I've been able to watch individuals I've placed grow within their companies. I am now working to help staff a lab at a company that I helped one gentleman get him employed at. I have been lucky the past few years to find the right people, and now I get to watch the companies grow and see their success. 


I wanted to see if you could share more of the success stories related to helping local individuals find employment through the SDEE network? 

San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange has been great because it has allowed me to connect on both sides with clients who need staffing, but don't have resources and want to help individuals seeking employment. Through SDEE I could help people by providing them with advice and by reviewing their resumes to offer insight into what needed to be added or taken off to improve their luck with recruiters. If I couldn't physically help place someone then I could help them improve their chances. At SDEE events I was able to point individuals to different companies to network with. The events are great venues to meet candidates and clients. 


What value has SDEE provided, and how have we been important in your journey? 

San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange has been vital for me as both a small business owner and a staffer. Through SDEE I can talk to other small business owners about their struggles and the things they deal with. California isn't always nice to small businesses  so it's been invaluable to talk with other business owners. As a staffer, SDEE has given me the opportunity to meet potential clients. The events and happy hours are fun, the talks are amazing, and being able to see new up-and-coming entrepreneurs and companies in San Diego speak about their struggles, success, and what they are finding is truly a unique experience. As a scientist here in San Diego, if you want to start your own company, SDEE is a must-have and must join. San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange covers grants, funding, legal concerns, etc. The presentations and talks offer a lot of business and value to startups and business owners. People have no excuse not to use the resources available. People in the SDEE community are always willing to give their time and talk to you about what it takes to start your own business. If one of us succeeds, we all do. There is always room for another company and I feel that at SDEE.

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