Securing Our Digital Future: Gryphon's Live Event for Parents/Investors

Join us for an enlightening event hosted by Gryphon Online Safety, the San Diego based startup at the forefront of digital safety -- helping parents confidently keep their children safe online.

When: June 29 Thursday 6PM
Where: WeWorks LaJolla
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With over 60,000 units already in homes, we're making a significant impact and progress on our mission.

This is more than just an event - it's your invitation to join a movement committed to creating a safer digital world for our children.

Key Gryphon Highlights:

  • Recognized as one of the fastest-growing startups in Southern California
  • $11.2M+ raised from notable angel groups including ATI and Frontier Angels
  • Founders behind disruptive tech such as the MiFi mobile hotspot and Apple iPod

This event is specially curated for vigilant parents and savvy investors.

Parents, delve into the world of digital safety and understand the genuine threats that your children face online. Learn how Gryphon's trailblazing solution, backed by founders with a strong legacy in tech including the MiFi mobile hotspot and Apple iPod, can protect them. Through live demonstrations and insightful discussions, we'll show you how Gryphon offers a secure and engaging online environment that you can trust.

Investors, don't miss this opportunity to explore Gryphon's impressive growth trajectory and our future plans. With substantial financial backing from prestigious investors, Gryphon is a standout name in the tech sector. Investing in Gryphon means joining a mission that's about more than just financial growth - it's about contributing to a profound cause.

Alongside enlightening discussions and an educational segment on online threats to children and Gryphon's innovative solutions, the event will host interactive Q&A sessions. You'll also get to meet our exceptional founders and network with other forward-thinking individuals.

Reserve your spot today and join Gryphon Online Safety in our commitment to a safer digital world for our children!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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