March 2021 Member News

Member News provides an opportunity for SDEE members to share news and announcements. This month's Member News features:

  • Clearpoint Ventures, Pavel Reddy
  • DTx Pharma, Yinghong Gao
  • Crinetics Pharmaceturicals, Scott Struthers 
  • Aequor, Marilyn Bruno

Clearpoint Ventures, Pavel Reddy

Clearpoint Ventures Pty Ltd will be attending the Australian Healthcare Week as an exhibitor in the HealthTech Startup Zone from 17-18 March 2021. Here, we will be sharing information on our global network of HealthTech founders & entrepreneurs, researchers, incubators, funders, and Life Science member organisations with attendees. This is an ongoing endeavour of ours to encourage and facilitate collaboration between the Australian HealthTech scene and their global counterparts in the USA, UK, EU, and China (for now). SDEE members have been invited to send us their marketing material to share with attendees at the event. Event link 

DTx Pharma, Yinghong Gao

DTx Pharma Completes $100M Series B Financing to Advance its FALCON™ Platform and Pipeline of RNA Therapeutics (PR Newswire)

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Scott Struthers

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Lead ACTH Antagonist for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Cushing’s Disease (CRN04894) Advances Into Phase 1 Study More info here

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Advances CRN04777 for Congenital Hyperinsulinism Into Phase 1 Study  More info here

Aequor, Marilyn Bruno

We are moving!  As of the ides of March, our lab will be at - 11575 Sorrento Valley Road - Suite 215, San Diego CA 92121.  If you are in the neighborhood, let us know! 

SPACE: --Aequor was a finalist in SpaceCom Entrepreneurial Summit competition based on our successful 3-year project with NASA, where we demonstrated that our treatment removed all bacterial contamination from the reuse/recycling system used on board the International Space Station (one dose lasted over 15 months without replenishment).  We won $200K in more software we don't know how to use! 

--We were also semi-finalists in the Moonshot competition.  

--NASA selected Aequor to pitch to aerospace contractors.  This may lead to our being paired with a "mentor."    

--Our flight to test our treatments on board the ISS was postponed again, but we are ready when they are. Launch now scheduled for late Summer. 

CLEANERS:  -We expanded the pilot projects started last Fall with two multinationals -- one using our cleaners in their machinery and another incorporating our ingredients in their flooring products. 

ENERGY: --We finalized a pilot project with an oil and gas company and are starting another. 

--Our DOE-funded projects with Sandia National Lab and the Arizona Center for Algae Technology Innovation are entering their second year -- with great results.  Our treatment boosts algae biomass production by up to 40% in half the time.  This also increases the profitability of biofuels and biobased co-products. 

MEDICAL: --Aequor was invited by the NSF to submit a Phase I grant for use of our novel technologies to kill antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) Superbugs 

--We finalized our project for the Global Health Security Network, assessing the World Health Organization's protocols for infection protection and control and identifying gaps.  Our findings were presented at the GHSN summit in Thailand. 

SERVICES: --We have our first customers for microbial testing the efficacy of device coatings and other products against biofilm-forming pathogens. 

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